Cat playing or fighting

 Cat playing or fighting

With multi, cats can play rough. Outdoor cats that stay outside or can go outside will also play rough with other cats. Biting the ankles or arms can be a game for your cat. Cats that have extra energy to play with and have a hard time finding ways to release their energy can be very playful.

What is the difference between playing and fighting with cats?

Cats that are unfamiliar with each other may be fighting and not playing. Dominant from one cat to another, screaming, hissing continuously during what seems like play are signs of a fight. Also, if a cat gets hurt, this is a sign that the cats are not playing. This is a sign that your cats are really fighting. It is important to learn and obtain additional information, especially if your cat is an outdoor cat and meets another cat. You will be able to know if they continue fighting or playing. Leaving your cat outside and not knowing how to play to fight can have an effect on your cat's behavior and stability to go outside again.

Distraction is the best way to separate fighting cats. With any kind of interference you can cause pain to both you and the cats. Make a loud noise, firm voice, cats don't like loud noises, this is a good way. Have spray bottles on hand to use. Cats do not like to be sprayed with water and this will stop them. Once they have stopped, immediately separate the cats with the doors closed so they cannot be seen. This aggression should be treated with care. Allowing the cats to continue fighting will end up with an injured cat and fighting; this could lead to illness in cats. This will become expensive with having to take the cat to the vet for medication and spending some time at the vets for care and treatment.

Play with the cat comes naturally to a cat and you should not interfere with the game. Exposing other assets for cats can help with play, when play seems to get intense. Have plenty of toys for the cats to play with, your own scratching post, or your own play area.

With multiple cats in a household, you will want to create an environment so that each cat has a place that they are comfortable with. Some cats are able to adapt to other cats in the home and share. With different breeds and natures of the cat, it will also depend on whether the cats can share an area. There are breeds of cats that are naturally one pet and will not fit in the home with gifts from other cats or dogs. This type of cat will have a lot of stress and a rapid aggression towards other cats. You can learn more about the type of breeds that will live together and which ones need your space. There are many books and websites that you can consult.

Hitting your cats will accomplish nothing; This will make your cat afraid of you, as it will not communicate with him. Training will be impossible, since communication is the most important thing when training your cat. Physical punishment of any animal is never a good thing for any animal. Remember that your cat is a companion and a friend. We as humans would never physically or mentally hurt our loved ones or friends.

Remember that if cats don't fight and only play with each other, this is a sign of good communication between them. Allowing the communication to continue will help the relationship with the cats and with you. Communication is a great tool when trying to train your cat.

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