Business Cards: Is Your Business Information Kept?

 Business Cards: Is Your Business Information Kept?

Anyone who has ever been to a meeting can remember the familiar "passing" of business cards.

This powerful marketing tool is often used quite naturally, and we have to wonder how often your card recipient saves it and uses your business information in positive ways.

In a world where first impressions count and business becomes more competitive, it would be silly to go with the crowd.

You have to act differently to make an impact and be remembered when the rest are forgotten. Traditional business cards often reflect your name, position in the company, and contact details ... not very inspiring.

Full-color business cards may be a better option, but again, you would have needed to make some kind of impression for the card recipient to take a second look at.

In my opinion, it is not the actual business information that counts, but how you present it.

Recently, in a typical situation described above, I held my vinyl-printed photographic business card until the meeting ended. I kindly asked my prospects to pass me their journals ... they did, but they seemed a bit stunned. I pasted my information in their journals and returned it with a comment that I accept that sometimes things get lost, but NOT my business cards.

Surprised smiles everywhere, I knew I had made a definite impression and that they could follow my information.

The next time you need to print business cards, think carefully not only about the content, but also how you plan to present this vital information.

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