Boring after school activities

 Boring after school activities

Why does Lisa complain when it's time to go to her piano lessons?

How come Johnny hates the sight of her skates now? After all, these

the children were very excited about the programs when they started.

What happened? Parents are often confused by the disturbing and often

incongruous signals they receive from their children. One day the children are

excited about the new drama class and in just a few weeks

moan and moan when it's time to go.

The first thing a family should do when a child begins to resist

The activity that I once loved is listening and investigating. Don't get into

conclusions. It takes a bit of smart research. You ask

child what he does in class. Find out what exactly is the cause

of the problem. Then ask the teachers the same questions. Compare notes.

You may stumble upon some important clues. Children usually start with

activity thinking that everything is fun. But when they realize that they can't

they just hang out and need to follow rules etc, they start to

to resist. Your child may feel stifled if the program is too structured. Yes

the discipline is too rigorous or the activity too painful (such as karate

class) some children resist. Use your own instincts. Does the program feel

how fun? Do you want to attend yourself? Are they offering enough?

motivation to keep the child interested?

The teacher-to-child ratio is also an important factor. Children need

Attention. If the number of teachers is enough to handle a class,

Your child may not be getting enough attention. State

Recommendations usually specify that there should be 1 teacher for every 15


Children try to avoid problems they cannot solve. If there is not

noticeable problems with the class and teachers, you may need

chat with your child. If your judgment says the place is good

and the activity is engaging enough, then it's time to work with your child.

Most of the time, social pressures can be at play here. Your son

do you have friends there? If she feels lonely or miserable because of the lack of

friends, help her find a friend. If you find a friend, you will get more

involved in activities

If your best efforts don't pay off and your child still resists

fantastic guitar lessons then it's time to let it go. Change your child to

some other program. If you still have an interest in guitars,

you can take it back after a few months. Never force the child, especially when

it's all about extracurricular activities. As they are 'extra', they must

bring extra happiness and excitement too.

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