Art-based activities

 Art-based activities

A recent report by several independent researchers concludes that

Participating in the arts fosters social, personal and

Cognitive habilyties. Arts-based programs can improve academic achievement

and decrease the tendency to crime. Helps to form youth

positive attitudes about themselves and build self-esteem.

Art programs involve communication, interpretation, and understanding of

complex symbols, such as mathematics and languages. This way it encourages

higher order analytical skills and evaluation and synthesis skills.

Many of the programs have the child regularly use multiple skills, so

making it dynamic and versatile.

The development of imagination, judgment and philosophy are marginal benefits of

an activity based on the arts. Unlike the short 45 minute duration of the

art classes at school, extra time allowed in after-school activities

allows the child to be more involved. This results in a

opportunities for the development of latent capacities in the child. In

In turn, the child learns to set high standards of performance. He

understand what sustained focus is and learn that regular practice is

the path to excellence.

In the shy or withdrawn child, drama, public speaking, or drama lessons may be

an outlet for repressed emotions. How drama involves getting under your skin

from another person, the child learns to verbalize emotions and express

thoughts. These reasons explain the popularity of the arts


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