After-School Safety: Tips and Reminders

 After-School Safety: Tips and Reminders

When parents send their kids to extracurricular programs, they take it

of course the child is safe. But as the number of children

participation in these activities has increased, it is necessary to seek

in security matters.

Children are vulnerable when they are out of class. While going or

when they return, they should know the safest route to follow. Many children hang out

with her friends right after these classes. Discover the 'danger zones' of

your neighbors and warn the children of these.

The child must know how to handle emergencies. It's better to argue

various scenarios with your child. Tell him what to do in case

class is suddenly canceled. Show him the first aid kit at home and make

sure you know who to call in an emergency. Post any important contacts

information in a place easily accessible to the child. If he

The child will be home alone, talk to her about some unexpected things.

Tell him to use the safety chain ALWAYS.

Communicate with your neighbors and friends when necessary. Let your child know who

can be contacted in times of emergency. Ask your child to register first

phone. Above all, always tell the child to be in a group. Visits to the bathrooms

Avoid being alone or going home to isolated streets.

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