After school activities and relationship building

 After school activities and relationship building

Extracurricular activities are the rage of the day. With around $ 500 million

invested in these programs and more than 10 million children attending

only in America, the popularity of these activities cannot be

disregarded. Everyone understands the need to develop new skills, get more

knowledge and keep children safe when parents are working.

The most important factor in the success of any program is the

relationship between children participating in the program and

adult members who work with these children. Children can often trust

an adult member who is not a teacher. This kind of emotional interaction

is a must when children struggle to make sense of the whirlpool of

emotions that assail them.

Direct contact with professionals can be an inspiring experience. Children

they are very impressed by the knowledge and experience of these adults.

Young people gain a lot of knowledge and experience when dealing with

experienced adults and older youth who serve as teachers or mentors in

these programs. These mentors are different from the teachers in the

school and children are more likely to be inspired by them.

Extracurricular activities professionally managed by people who

Success in your own fields of expertise will produce children who are

more enthusiastic and successful. Meaningful interaction with adults is a

learning experience in itself.

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