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Erectile dysfunction: its causes and treatment

Erectile dysfunction: its causes and treatment

The ability of the male to have an erection is an important factor for the spouses to reach the climax of orgasm, the problem of erectile dysfunction or weak erections, a problem suffered by millions of males across the world, and when we say male erectile dysfunction, i.e. impotence.

When do we say that the male is sexually weak?

Exactly when it fails in 70 percent of attempts at sexual intercourse in the first period of marriage. This means that the penis is not hardened enough to complete the process of sexual intercourse, meaning that the husband is sexually weak and here is a very common problem that threatens marital stability.

What are the causes of this impotence?

The reasons are different and many, the most important of which are:

• Aging, as erectile dysfunction increases by one percent every year

• Infection with some diseases, for example: diabetes, nervous disorders, depression, and kidney disease

Taking some medications, such as antidepressants and drugs that help increase urination, which can also cause erection problems.

• Such as smoking, alcohol, drugs or lack of exercise

• Family problems and psychological stress may play an influential role in this problem

Could erectile dysfunction be a symptom of other diseases?

Erectile dysfunction, especially in young men, is due to hardening of the arteries that supply blood to the penis through blood vessels. It is a precursor to heart disease, followed by chest pain or breathing problems. Often times, sexual dysfunction follows a heart attack.

Is the problem hormonal?

For the elderly, often the factor of age and low sexual desire is the cause of ED and the erectile dysfunction that accompanies it

In young and middle-aged people, a large number of studies have linked erectile dysfunction to low testosterone, regardless of the previously mentioned factors.

How can erection problems be treated?

• If the male suffers from the problem of obesity, the need to follow a healthy diet and exercise

Quit smoking and other narcotic substances

• Using some auxiliary medicines after consulting the doctor, for example: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, which is used to treat erectile dysfunction

• Serious discussion with the partner about the problem and trying to watch sexual films together

• Consultation with a psychiatrist

• And if all the previous methods did not work, then the solution remains to undergo surgery and implant a device that can make the penis erect.

Beware of random sexually irritating property purchases:

These drugs may have side effects, especially headache and redness of the face. Therefore, everyone who wants to use these drugs should consult a doctor first and avoid randomly purchasing these drugs, especially from Internet stores, and visiting the doctor enables you to benefit from a medical examination and diagnosis of any organic disorders.

Written by:

Mina Masouf

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