Important advice for your son to overcome the ordeal of divorce

Important advice for your son to overcome the ordeal of divorce

The most abominable thing for God is divorce, and just as divorce is very difficult and cruel for parents who are adults and are well aware of the matter, it is also difficult for children, especially if they are of a young age, and they may enter into very difficult psychological fits that reach the point of depression and extreme violence .

The question that many divorced parents ask is, how do I help my son overcome the ordeal of divorce?


Talk to the child before the breakup occurs

Before the separation occurs, talk to the child together, explain to him that divorce is the year of life, and that you will remain friends forever, nothing will change in the matter, except for the place of residence alone that will change, make the child prepare psychologically for the next stage so that he is more likely to accept the new situation And the most important thing is not to show sadness in front of him, and to pretend to be happy and contented in front of the child.

Don't tell the child about your problems

For your child's mental health, the need to avoid involving the child in marital problems, beware of telling the child about difficult problems with the partner, or speaking badly about the other party, always show your child satisfaction with the new situation.

If your child is visiting the other party, never ask him about private questions about the other party and what he saw with him, or questions that are considered inappropriate. If the question must be reassured, ask him about general matters only

Helping the child express his feelings

One of the symptoms that may appear in a child after a divorce is wet the bed, do not be upset about that, have a good conversation with the child, ask him if he sees nightmares while he is asleep, ask him about the nature of his feelings, is he sad? What makes him sad? Why are you not eating well? If he starts to cry, hug him and let him cry, talk and express everything inside him, you may easily understand him and define the problem so that you can solve it.

Know well that it is not easy for a child to accept the divorce of his parents. Encourage him to draw. It is a great idea so that he expresses himself more, so that you understand him better, he will find in colors an enjoyable companion, who may help him to overcome the matter.

Give your children as much confidence and security as you can, especially with regard to their future .. Encourage them to make new friends.

Talk well about the other side

As we mentioned earlier, do not talk badly about the other party in front of the child, even if you are really angry with him, as negative feelings will make matters worse and enhance the feeling of distress in the child

On the contrary, always talk positively about the other party. Encourage the child to always communicate with him.

The child's feeling that his parents have a good relationship with each other despite the divorce is very important, and that he is always supported by them and that they support him at any time, will be an important psychological incentive for him to embrace life positively.

Visit a psychiatrist if necessary

In the event that very severe psychological symptoms are noticed, such as severe violence or depression, a visit to a psychiatrist in this case is necessary before the matter develops into an unfortunate event.

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Mina Masouf

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