For divorced women and girls | Some tips to overcome the ordeal of divorce

For divorced women and girls | Some tips to overcome the ordeal of divorce

Divorce is the most hated of what is permissible to God, and it is a human experience that many people in the world go through, and the degree of acceptance of the matter varies from person to person, and most of the time women are more affected by the matter, and do not accept it, and it may come to some women thinking that divorce A humanitarian disaster, which may cause some of them to have serious psychological and social problems.

On this subject, we offer you, my lady, a set of tips that may be useful to you to overcome this ordeal:

• Real divorce is accepted

Show psychological and social strength and accept the matter, and understand that divorce is not the end of the universe, and that many divorced women before you and many will come after you, talk to yourself in the mirror, and say I divorced and divorce is not the end of the universe .. whether you cry, you are divorced, whether you smile, you are divorced. And intense sadness will not change anything of the truth ... so it is better to accept the situation and stop wailing exaggeratedly, which does not solve the problem

Managing emotions

After the divorce, a lot of feelings are mixed in the woman, and the feelings of sadness and oppression overlap, fear of the future and remorse for the reasons that led her to divorce, be strong enough, and understand that it is God’s predestination and what He wills did, and that the divorce is a reality, and accept the matter, he will control yourself if you want to continue In the journey of life successfully, and if you want to start a new page better, make your black feelings your strength to face the world in the next stage, do not look for strength outside, it is inside you alone, if you want that you will pass it

Be realistic

Be practical and realistic, hold a paper and a pen, write in it your current situation: financially, psychologically and socially, explain all your weaknesses, and pray them with an arrow with your dreams in the future and what you want to reach, and between the two, identify your weaknesses, and ask the question What prevents me from achieving my self, Identify your weaknesses, and draw up a practical plan to overcome the matter ... for example:

I need money ...... then I have to work

And ask the following question: Where can I work? What am I good at doing?

Have fun with your friends

Call your friends, go out with them, tell them, because in conversation a lot of comfort, a glass of juice in a quiet place may help you a lot to improve your mood, restore your memories with them before marriage and how beautiful life was and how it will be more beautiful in the next stage of your life, if it was not for you Girlfriends, make new friends, preferably if you have already experienced divorce, you will benefit from their experience in overcoming it


Sport has a magical effect, in improving the psyche of any individual, great muscular effort helps to overcome crises from a distance, sport is not only a way to improve body and get fit, it also helps you improve your mood and your appetite for food and even your sleep

• I am looking for a job

If you are not working, the first thing you do is look for a job, financial independence relieves you of many problems, you will not have to ask for money from anyone, you will occupy yourself with work problems and forget a little about the divorce crisis, you will gain new friends, new acquaintances, you will earn money that You will be able to enjoy a beautiful picnic whenever you want, you will be able to buy new clothes to your taste, you will cut your hair and dye it like your favorite star and you will not carry them for cash

You will find a new lover and a better husband in the future, and you will be stronger and more confident in yourself, and the most important thing is to understand that your work and your work is the secret of your strength, not the man.

Written by:

Mina Masouf

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