Reem El Adl, Costume Designer - all you need to know about her

Reem El Adl, Costume Designer - all you need to know about her

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With her name long-attached to more than 30 TV hits and blockbuster films, Costume Designer Reem El Adl believes that she has to be involved in every aspect of the overall appearance of a character and that the costume designing process is not only about determining the features of a character but also studying characters, even before casting actors. 

El Adl studied Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts. After working as an assistant costume designer in several films and TV series, she eventually made her first film Oreed Khol'an (2005). She was then trained by veteran costume designer Nahed Nasrallah for a whole year. Since  receiving her diploma from The Accademia Italiana Arte Moda Design in Florence, Italy, she designed costumes for many films including:  Kharej Ala El Kanoun (The Outlaw), Sharea 18 and Waraet Shafra; Al Saffah (The Murderer); Telk Al-Ayam (Those Days); Samir wa Shahir wa Bahir; Mesawar Qateel; Nawara (2015), for which she received the Best Costume Design Award from the Annual Film Society Festival For Egyptian Cinema; Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim,  for which she received the Best Costume Designer from the Arabian Cinema Awards (ACA). Other titles that Reem worked on include Clash, Mawlana; Sheikh Jackson . 
For TV, she designed the costumes for Wahet El Ghoroub. Reem received the Best Costume Design award at the Cinema Syndicate Awards (CSA) for her work in that series. She also designed costumes of the TV series; Segn El Nesa; Qeset Hob (Love Story, Al Shawarea Al Khalfeya; Sidna El Sayed; Al Daeya (The Preacher) and El Khoroug. 

El Adl was part of a myriad of viral TV ads and commercials for many companies. 

In the light of the growing COVID-19 crisis, Reem El Adl launched an initiative inviting fashion designers to contribute to filling the deficit facing the medical sector by manufacturing cloth face masks through her Facebook account. The concept behind this call is to dedicate these masks for free to ordinary users so that the medical and n95 masks are saved to the medical personnel for their essential uses.

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