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وظائف خالية فى مصنع جيفودان Givaudan للنكهات و الاسانسات ( كليات علوم و زراعة و صيدلة )

فرصة عمل لخريجي صيدلة وعلوم و زراعة  (أغذية، كيمياء، بيولوجى)

فرصة عمل كبيرة لكل خريجي صيدلة و زراعة و علوم فى مصنع Givaudan الغني عن التعريف فى انتاج النكهات و الاسانسات المستخدمة فى التصنيع الغذائي ..
اليكم الوظائف و المتلطبات .. 

Snacks Creator Trainee (Future Vacancy) is required at Givaudan.

 required Academic Background;
Bachelor’s Degree in #Food_Science, #Chemistry, #Biology or #Pharmacy

required Experience;
- Minimum 2 years of experience in a food applications lab, production or related area
- 1+ years of experience as a Creation Assistant or Flavor Technician.
- Pass Givaudan taste and aroma testing or equivalent which shows excellent organoleptic skills.

Technical Skills;
- Excellent tasting skills and can describe the flavor profile of a product.
- Understanding of some ingredients and formulas or other technical processes to learn - the science behind flavor formulations
- Skills which are necessary to work with all partners and customers.
- Understanding of delivery systems or similar technical processes to learn the science behind their performance in applications.
- Fluent English Language is a must

- Great compensation packages.
- Shuttle Bus provided.
- Medical & Life Insurance.
- Social Insurance.
- Great learning opportunity.

You can apply via this link 👇👇

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