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Treating headaches in safe way

Alex returned home exhausted at seven in the evening, complaining of a headache and feeling hungry, so his wife prepared for him the food that he had eaten in silence, then went to the salon room to sit alone and silently holding his head with both hands. Jody entered his wife to see what was in him, and he told her that he had been suffering from a headache for several hours and had taken analgesic medicine and was still in pain. She told him, "I know ways to treat headaches at home and drinks to treat headaches, why not try?"
Treating headaches in safe ways

Treating headaches naturally

Know, dear reader, that these methods are never a substitute for consulting a doctor when experiencing a headache for the first time, recurring, or increasing in severity. Also, migraine (migraine) needs medical advice to find out the cause of the headache, properly treat it, and treat the cause of the headache. What we will mention here are methods that contribute to the prevention and treatment of headaches if you already know the cause.

Drinking water

Doctors advise headache patients to drink water frequently, as exposure to dehydration increases the incidence of headaches and migraines, not only that, but also reduces focus and a person feels fatigue. This makes the headache worse.

Water has a role in preventing headaches as well as treating headaches. Drinking enough water will relieve headaches within half an hour to three hours.

enough sleep

Yara said: Dear Samer, you do not get an adequate amount of sleep, which is the cheapest and best way to prevent and treat severe headaches.
Samer looked at her amazed, and she replied, "There is a study conducted in 2005 that proved that. You sleep 4 hours a day and this study confirmed that those who sleep less than 6 hours a day are prone to severe headaches and headaches upon waking up."

Did you know, Samer, that the healthiest number of hours of sleep is between 7-9 hours? Less than 7 and more than 9 hours of sleep a day makes a person vulnerable to many diseases, including headaches and migraines.
The time is now nine, why don't you sleep from now until five in the morning ?, and you will wake up without a headache, God willing, scientific facts do not lie. Just let me bring you a cup of tea to soothe my headache.

Headache drinks

Caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea have the ability to treat severe headaches, as well as improve mood and increase focus and attention.

Headache treatment with massage

Some find that massaging the neck, shoulders, and sides of the forehead is a cure for headaches.

Massage headache oil treatment

Lavender oil

Yara gave Samer a small bottle, and told him I used lavender oil to treat my headaches. This is my favorite method for treating frequent stress headaches. Smelling lavender oil and massaging the sides of the forehead with it undiluted greatly reduces headaches and migraines, as it is a treatment for anxiety and tension and helps relax and sleep.
Abu Bakr Al-Razi and Ibn Sina mentioned lavender oil as a treatment for epilepsy and migraines long ago.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil diluted with another oil (such as coconut oil) works as a natural remedy by massaging the forehead with it, especially for the treatment of tension headaches and migraines.

Other natural oils

Rosemary oil mixed with coconut oil (as a carrier for it) to massage the forehead.
Chamomile massage oil mixed with another oil or added to bath water reduces headaches, tension and insomnia.

Cold compresses

Yara said: I will give you more poetry at home. A cold compress on the neck or forehead can greatly reduce the severity of your headache.

Sports and walking

Light exercise or walking are one of the best ways to treat headaches. Get out in the air and inhale oxygen while you walk to get relief from severe headaches.


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