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He held sensitive and sovereign positions and died of "leukemia" .. Who is Safwat Al-Sharif? (profile)

He held sensitive and sovereign positions and died of "leukemia" .. Who is Safwat Al-Sharif? (profile)

Safwat Al-Sharif, Minister of Information and former Speaker of the Shura Council and Secretary General of the "dissolved" National Party, passed away on Wednesday evening, at the age of 88.

He held sensitive and sovereign positions and died of "leukemia" .. Who is Safwat Al-Sharif? (profile)

The death of Safwat al-Sharif came after a struggle with leukemia, and days after his infection with the Coronavirus was announced by Muhammad al-Baz.

Muhammad Safwat al-Sharif, born on December 19, 1933, obtained a BA in Military Sciences and worked as an officer in the Egyptian Intelligence during the 1960s.

He was convicted in the case of "intelligence deviation" during the era of Salah Nasr, but he was able to get out of his crisis in a stronger way than he was, as evidenced by the positions he held in his life.

He is credited with his contribution to the establishment of the city of production and many channels for television, and the establishment of the Egyptian satellite Nilesat, and he was one of the founding members of the dissolved National Party in 1977.

Safwat Al-Sharif held several positions in the dissolved National Party, and was the party's secretary general from 2002 to 2011, and a former president of the Shura Council when the January 25 2011 revolution took place, and his position in the Shura Council (now the sheikhs) preceded him for years as Minister of Information.

In an attempt to calm the "January revolutionaries", the late President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak decided to dismiss Safwat Al-Sharif from his position as Secretary-General of the party days before he stepped down on February 11, 2011.

Since the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak, Safwat Al-Sharif has been accused in the two cases of “Al-Jamal Al-Jamal” and “graft.” And while he was acquitted in the first, he was convicted in the second, as the Court of Cassation ruled last September that upheld his imprisonment for 3 years and fined him 99 million pounds.

After confirming his sentence for “graft”, judicial sources said that 20 months will be deducted from the 3-year period, which he spent in custody pending the “Muqata'a Al-Jamal” case, since April 2011.

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