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For Ohio residents : veteran motorcycle group to distribute food at Chillicothe

For Ohio residents : veteran motorcycle group to distribute food at Chillicothe

CHILLICOTHE - The Desert Knights of America MC Central Ohio Chapter will distribute more than 20,000 pounds of food and milk to hungry Ross County residents on November 21.

The Desert Knights are a motorcycle club for veterans of the desert era, including Operations Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom.

The MC plans to place all food recipients in the parking lot in front of Homeland Credit Union. From there, they will direct vehicles in small numbers to the rear of the credit union to ensure that the bank's operation is not impaired. There will be a limit of five boxes per vehicle. All food shelters, homeless shelters, and other large businesses are encouraged to get in touch earlier so that food can be charged separately from general assistance.

As this is a contactless drive-thru, attendees are asked to stay in their vehicles unless instructed otherwise.

For Ohio residents : veteran motorcycle group to distribute food at Chillicothe

The food will be served on a first-come, first-served basis, and she plans to keep giving away boxes until they're sold out.

"We're taking on an honor system with the community that those who show up are the ones who need it," said Shawn Nichols, public information officer for the Desert Knights of Central Ohio.

To date, the Desert Knights have gifted 12,000 pounds of food to the community.

"We know that during COVID, things have been very difficult for many people, and we have the opportunity to receive all this food, and what better way to give back and help people than to give it all for free." Nichols said.

The boxes are USDA packaged and contain bags of potatoes, apples, pre-cooked meatballs, chicken wings, cheese and milk, designed to last two to three days as a family, Nichols said.

Nichols thanked the Huntington High School senior class, who will help with the distribution, and the Walmart Distribution Center, who donated a lot to help. Homeland Credit Union also helped with donations, he said.

"We are definitely bringing the community together to help the community in its time of need," he said.

This is common when the chapter performs events like this.

"Honestly, without the support of companies or anything like that, this would be almost impossible," said the former Army Specialist.

Ohio's Central Chapter participates in community service throughout the year, Nichols said, including other food giveaways, such as one in Circleville on Oct. 27, where the chapter distributed 8,000 pounds of food, and a similar event in parts of Columbus. and Fairfield County. on Tuesday.

Last summer, the Knights held an event in Pataskala that raised money for veteran families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Some families in need will be taken to buy what they need, including food, clothing and toys for the children.

"We want the message to be that just because we are in the military does not mean that we stop serving our country," Nichols said.

Those interested in learning more can follow Desert Knights on Facebook at Desert Knights of America MC - Central Ohio Chapter. The chapter is planning another food giveaway at Chillicothe the week before Christmas, December 15 or December 22. More details to be determined. The organization plans to bring 26,000 pounds of food for that event.

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